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Episode #71: The Weaks Interview


the weaks


The hiatus is over and a new episode of Rocket

Fuel is here! On this episode of the show, I talk

with Chris from the Philadelphia band The Weaks,

review the new Millencolin album, and play great

new tunes from Superheaven, Great Cynics, The Sonics

and many many more.


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #71:

Millencolin "Egocentric Man"

Jernigan "Disorderly"

Isaac "Sweetheart"

The Midwestern Charm "Can't Stand It"

Great Cynics "I Went Swimming"

The Weaks "Nevermind"

Superheaven "I've Been Bored"

All Eyes West "West Thirteenth"

Local H "City of Knives"

Sweet John Bloom "Moving Target"

Personal Best "If You Meet Someone in

Love (Wish Them Well)"

Science Club "Bad at Parties"

The Weaks "Bad Year"

Sonny Vincent & Rocket From The Crypt

"Trash Talk"

The Sonics "Sugaree"


Top 25 Albums of 2014



As I reflect on 2014 as it winds to a close, it is

easy to say that it was a good year for underground

music. There were a lot of bands who put out

amazing debut albums and bands who have been

around for a while continuing to craft excellent



This year was particularly hard for the podcast,

as I have was not able to put out nearly as many

episodes as I would have liked. Between working

a full time job and being a husband and father to two

young boys, I struggle to find enough hours in the day

to create. My sincere hope and resolution is that

this will change in 2015, as I genuinely love making

each episode and sharing great tunes and interviews

with you.


Anyway, without any further adieu, here are my top

25 albums of 2014. Happy New Year!


#25 Modern Baseball-You're Gonna Miss It All

#24 Crow Bait-Sliding Through The Halls of Fate

#23 The Muffs-Whoop Dee Doo

#22 Muscle & Bone-Peace and Light

#21 The Hotelier-Home, Like No Place Is There

#20 Counting Crows-Somewhere Under Wonderland

#19 Afghan Whigs-Do The Beast

#18 New Found Glory-Resurrection

#17 The Rentals-Lost in Alphaville

#16 Gameface-Now Is What Matters Now

#15 Chumped-Teenage Retirement

#14 J Mascis-Tied to a Star

#13 Kittyhawk-Hello, Again

#12 Cheap Girls-Famous Graves

#11 Lagwagon-Hang

#10 Bob Mould-Beauty & Ruin

#9 The Hold Steady-Teeth Dreams

#8 Cheatahs-Cheatahs

#7 Floor-Oblation

#6 Cayetana-Nervous Like Me

#5 Rozwell Kid-Too Shabby


#3 Hard Girls-A Thousand Surfaces

#2 Restorations-LP3

#1 Somos-Temple of Plenty


Episode #70: FEST 13!

fest 13 logo


Welcome to a special episode of Rocket Fuel!

With the Fest 13 being just weeks away, it is our

annual Fest preview episode where we play

only bands playing Fest, including bands that

you have come to know and love like Descendents

and Hot Water Music, as well as bands you

may not have heard of yet and definitely need

to check out.


I also have an in-depth interview with Fest creator

and head honcho Tony Weinbender about what

is new for this year's Fest, what the future of

Fest may look like and of course, music.


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #70:

Descendents "Suburban Home"

The Copyrights "Telescope"

Hard Girls "The Quark"

Mineral "Gloria"

And We Danced "Goodnight Toronto"

Somos "Familiar Theme"

The Marked Men "Fix My Brain"

Chixdiggit! "Where's Your Mom?"

Beach Slang "Filthy Luck"

Cayetana "Scott Get the Van, I'm Moving"

The Weaks "Nietzche's Harvest Song"

New Year's Revolution "Kate Jones"

Big Shoals "12 Steps"

Pup "Reservoir"

Hot Water Music "Trusty Chords"

Episode #69: Less Than Jake Interview



Welcome to the latest Rocket Fuel!

On this episode we've got new music

from Polar Bear Club, A Wilhelm Scream,

Iron Chic and many more.


I also talk with Vinnie Fiorello, the drummer

and lyricist for the legendary Gainesville, FL

ska-punk band Less Than Jake.  During our

interview, we talk about the band's new album

See The Light, why the band worked with

Fat Wreck Chords on the album, how becoming

a father has affected Vinnie's songwriting and



Tune in to the episode to hear all of these great tunes

and the interview!



Playlist for Episode #69:

A Wilhelm Scream "Boat Builders"

Iron Chic "Bogus Journey"

Heartsounds "Internal Eyes"

Polar Bear Club "Graph Paper Glory Days"

The Swellers "Big Hearts"

Less Than Jake "Jump"

The Last "Unreal Love"

Radioactivity "Get Straight"

Bars of Gold "Coffee With Pele"

Less Than Jake "American Idle"

And We Danced "Goodnight Toronto"

The Brother Kite "Secrets"

Yuck "Middle Sea"

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