Episode #52: Live from FEST 10


Welcome to a special episode Rocket Fuel! 

On this "Live from Fest 10" episode, I am

bringing you interviews and exclusive

acoustic performances from Fest 10 in

Gainesville, FL.


The Fest is without a doubt the best weekend

of the year and I wanted to bring a little piece

of Gainesville to your ears.  So many amazing

bands, so many old and dear friends and so

many new friendships to make.


Throughout the show, you will here "live"

interviews and acoustic songs from Cheap

Girls, Red Collar, Restorations and Great

Cynics, as well as an interview with Sergie

of the seminal band, Samiam. 


Recording these interviews and acoustic

songs during Fest was so much fun for

me and I hope you have just as much

fun hearing them!



Playlist for Episode #52:

J Kutchma of Red Collar "Welcome Home"

Restorations "Non Locality"

Ian Graham of Cheap Girls "Her and Cigarettes"

Great Cynics "In The Valley"








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