Episode #85: Rozwell Kid


roz kid

Welcome to the latest episode of Rocket Fuel!


On the episode, we have new tunes from Matthew

Sweet, Mutoid Man, Cayetana, Sheer Mag and

many more.


This episode also features my fun and candid

conversation with Jordan Hudkins, singer and guitarist

Rozwell Kid! I talk with him about their fantastic new

new record, Previous Art, his self-depricating lyrics,

what it's like being a rock band from the unlikely place

of West Virginia and his aspirations to film himself

reviewing records as he...paints. We also bond over

our mutual love and respect for The Beatles.


prec art


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #85:

Matthew Sweet "Trick"

Lost Balloons "Losing Time"

Caves "Need It Most"

Zapiain "Promises, Promises"

Cayetana "Too Old for This"

Rozwell Kid "Wendy's Trash Can"

Mutoid Man "Micro Agression"

Brutus "March"

Sheer Mag "Just Can't Get Enough"

Rozwell Kid "Boomerang"

Gnarwolves "Straitjacket"

Great Grandpa "Fade"








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