Episode #83: Mo Troper

mo troper


What's up and welcome to a brand new episode of Rocket



On this one, we have 14 brand new and diverse tracks

from bands like Minus The Bear, Cloak/Dagger, White

Reaper, The Orwells and many more.


This episode also features my candid conversation with

Mo Troper, the singer/songwriter and earworm engineer.

We talk about his new "greatest hits" collection Goldm which

is out now. We also talk about his fantastic 2016 debut album

Beloved, what it was like growing up and playing shows in

Portland, Orgeon and...Britney Spears?


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #83:

Cloak/Dagger "Ruin Theory"

White Reaper "Judy French"

The Orwells "They Put a Body in the Bayou"

Minus The Bear "Invisible"

The Obsessives "It's Not Fair"

Mo Troper "New Korea"

Great Cynics "Let Me Go Home"

Hiccup "Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham"

Angus "I Don't Sleep"

Mo Troper "Hadley"

Odd Robot "Summer's Old"

Benchmarks "Frames"

Golden Lights "Eventually"

Orations "Iron"








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