Episode #76: Brian McGee (Plow United)



Welcome to the latest episode of Rocket Fuel!


On this episode, we play new music from Greys,

Mean Jeans, California and much more.


You'll also get to hear Jeff's candid conversation with

Brian McGee, singer and guitarist of the well-known

Philadelphia punk band, Plow United. We talk about

the band's excellent new album Three, their process

of writing songs as a band and a whole lot more.


plow three


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #76:

Mean Jeans "Croozin'"

American Television "Better Living Through Chemistry"

Plow United "Everything"

California "Bad Directions"

Hurry "Fascination"

Mo Troper "At The Movies"

Greys "Blown Out"

Close Talker "ASAP"

Plow United "Momma I'm Not Doing Well"

Wrong "Fake Brain"








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