Episode #72: Fest 14!

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Welcome to a special episode of Rocket Fuel!

With the Fest 14 being just weeks away, it is our

annual Fest preview episode where we play

only bands playing Fest, including new music from

Night Birds, Meat Wave and Have/Hold and

classic tracks from Andrew W. K., Bigwig and

The Gamits. I hope that you'll hear some tunes

you already know and love and possibly discover

a new band or two while listening to the episode.


I also have an in-depth interview with Fest creator

and leader Tony Weinbender about what

is new for this year's Fest, what it's like to book

and schedule all of the over 400 bands playing

this year and much, much more.


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #72:

Andrew W.K. "Party Hard"

Pet Symmetry "Give Thanks (Get Lost"

Woahnows "Watching Accidents"

Night Birds "Left in the Middle"

Bigwig "Sink or Swim"

Bandit "Brain"

Prawn "First As Tragedy, Second As Farce"

Have/Hold "King Salt"

Meat Wave "Reunion"

The Gamits "Golden Sometimes"

***Stay tuned for our second Fest 14 episode

coming soon!***








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