Episode #71: The Weaks Interview


the weaks


The hiatus is over and a new episode of Rocket

Fuel is here! On this episode of the show, I talk

with Chris from the Philadelphia band The Weaks,

review the new Millencolin album, and play great

new tunes from Superheaven, Great Cynics, The Sonics

and many many more.


Check it out!



Playlist for Episode #71:

Millencolin "Egocentric Man"

Jernigan "Disorderly"

Isaac "Sweetheart"

The Midwestern Charm "Can't Stand It"

Great Cynics "I Went Swimming"

The Weaks "Nevermind"

Superheaven "I've Been Bored"

All Eyes West "West Thirteenth"

Local H "City of Knives"

Sweet John Bloom "Moving Target"

Personal Best "If You Meet Someone in

Love (Wish Them Well)"

Science Club "Bad at Parties"

The Weaks "Bad Year"

Sonny Vincent & Rocket From The Crypt

"Trash Talk"

The Sonics "Sugaree"









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