Episode #69: Less Than Jake Interview



Welcome to the latest Rocket Fuel!

On this episode we've got new music

from Polar Bear Club, A Wilhelm Scream,

Iron Chic and many more.


I also talk with Vinnie Fiorello, the drummer

and lyricist for the legendary Gainesville, FL

ska-punk band Less Than Jake.  During our

interview, we talk about the band's new album

See The Light, why the band worked with

Fat Wreck Chords on the album, how becoming

a father has affected Vinnie's songwriting and



Tune in to the episode to hear all of these great tunes

and the interview!



Playlist for Episode #69:

A Wilhelm Scream "Boat Builders"

Iron Chic "Bogus Journey"

Heartsounds "Internal Eyes"

Polar Bear Club "Graph Paper Glory Days"

The Swellers "Big Hearts"

Less Than Jake "Jump"

The Last "Unreal Love"

Radioactivity "Get Straight"

Bars of Gold "Coffee With Pele"

Less Than Jake "American Idle"

And We Danced "Goodnight Toronto"

The Brother Kite "Secrets"

Yuck "Middle Sea"








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