Episode #68: Live at Fest 12

fest 12


Welcome to a special episode of Rocket Fuel!

Now that Fest 12 is several weeks behind us

and everyone has recovered from their

hangovers and illnesses, let's take a look back

at the best party to happen each and every year.


While in Gainesville for Fest 12, I was able to

record a few interviews as well as an acoustic song.

I chatted with Sergie from Samiam, Knapsack and

Grievers and Matt from Old Flings, who did a joint

interview.  Afterwards, Matt picked up his guitar

and played the Old Flings tune "Funeral Mixtape".


After that, I talked with the awesome New Jersey

band Banquets.  During this team we talked about

the challenges of travelling to Fest, a "secret Torche

set", stealing pizza while in Gainesville and wrestling,

among other hilarious topics.


And lastly, I talk with the one and only John Reis

of Night Marchers, Rocket From The Crypt and

Hot Snakes, to name of few of his amazing bands.

We talk about what his band Night Marcers had

planned while in Florida (it turns out he doesn't

hate Florida!), the conventions of Rock n' Roll

and much more.


Check out this very special and fun episode!









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