Episode #55: Lookout Records Tribute, Interview with Larry Livermore



Last week, the  important and influential punk

label Lookout Records annoucement that it

will be no longer by the end of this year.


To pay tribute to this label that shaped not only

the genre but the thousands of lives that listened

to the tunes of bands they released records for

such as Green Day, Operation Ivy, Screeching

Weasel, The Queers and many more, I decided

to dedicated this entire episode to the great music

that it has released over the years.  You hear from

some of the well known bands like the some listed

above, but also some of the lesser known acts on

Lookout that released gems such as Monsula, The

Smugglers and The Hi-Fives.


What makes this tribute episode special is that

Lookout co-founder Larry Livermore was kind

enough to take some time out to be on the show.

He talks about such topics as the rise and fall of

Lookout, what his transition away from the label

was like, how Green Day didn't live up to his

expectations, what he thinks of the punk rock

of today and much, much more. 


Check it out to hear this special interview and

the amazing tunes!



Playlist for Episode #55:

The Lookouts "It's All Over Now Baby Blue"

Sweet Baby "She's From Salinas"

Operation Ivy "Sound System"

Screeching Weasel "Guest List"

Squirtgun "What a Grin and a Kick"

Sludgeworth "Anytime"

Monsula "Down Inside"

The Mr. T Experience "Ba ba ba ba ba"

The Smugglers "Booze Can"

The Hi-Fives "It Begins With You"

The Lillingtons "I Saw the Apeman"

Tilt "One Day"

The Wynona Riders "Drownded"

Green Day "2000 Light Years Away"









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